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HealthCorps schools are living laboratories for innovative and cutting edge curriculum. That curriculum is composed of three sections aimed both at educating students and providing a holistic and relevant view of the role health plays in their lives. HealthCorps Coordinators work in classrooms, the lunchroom and run after-school clubs to provide lessons, activities and experiences that integrate mental, physical, and nutritional health education.


Go for the Goal

How to set goals and create meaningful steps to get there. Go to Lesson >

Stress Strategies

Learn to identify our stressors and practice techniques to promote relaxation. Go to Lesson >

What Dr. Oz Really Tells His Friends and Family

Our president, Michelle Bouchard, shares a few tips that she has received from Dr. Oz over the years. Go to Video


The Four Factors of Fitness

Everyday objects can help you get in a fast and fun workout. Go to Lesson >


Real Food Deficit

Through a fundraising campaign on, HealthCorps recieved a donation from our partner Kashi in the amount of $125,000. Our short documentary features neighborhoods that don’t have access to fresh produce to kids growing up without nutrition education. Go to Video >

The Importance of School Food

Prior to his talk with First Lady Michelle Obama, Dr. Oz. highlighted the impact of HealthCorps and the role it has in changing the role of health and nutrition in American schools. Go to Video >

Eating Is Believing

The connection between fruits, vegetables, and the functions they serve in your body. You will also learn that there may be more meaningful connections in nature than at first glance. Go to Lesson >

What Are You Eating?

Being critical of the food choices we make every day is a learned behavior that can help us take control of our health. Go to Lesson >

The Digestive Highway

Take a trip down the digestive highway and become in tune with what your body needs to digest its food properly. Go to Lesson >

The Evolution of an Eater

Our food has changed, but have we? Go to Lesson >

Workout Videos

Working out does not require a gym. Wear a pedometer and walk at least 10,000 steps a day! These free exercise videos show how one can exercise without the need for expensive exercise equipment or gym memberships. Check them out here!

Dr. Oz’s AM Workout Video


Additional Videos

For additional HealthCorps videos, please click here.