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By making a donation, you support the HealthCorps mission to empower America’s youth and their families to eat smart and stay active.

Currently over 30 percent of America’s children are overweight or obese, threatening an entire generation with serious chronic illnesses and shortened life spans.

At the heart of the HealthCorps program are the in-school coordinators that implement unique school and community programs showcasing peer-mentoring and delivering a progressive curriculum focusing on nutrition, fitness and mental resilience. HealthCorps Coordinators provide teens with the tools to develop a purposeful, balanced and healthy lifestyle.

HealthCorps relies on funding from individuals, foundations and like-minded organizations to provide programs at no cost to children or schools.

There are many different ways to donate or be involved! For more information about the gala including attendance or sponsorship please contact Rob Lunde at 212-742-2875 or rob.lunde@healthcorps.org.

HealthCorps, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), and contributions to HealthCorps are tax-deductible after deductions made for the value of any goods or services received for the contribution. To provide appropriate tax-deduction documentation, HealthCorps must have the name and address of each donor.

There are many ways to support us, please check out our other the donation options.

If you would like to donate a product or service, co-brand a product and donate a percentage of the proceeds to HealthCorps, or support us in ways that are not indicated on our page, please send an e-mail to info@healthcorps.org and describe the nature of the proposed contribution or question.

Thank you!