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A Look At HealthCorps' Work
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It is vital to us that our programming is effective. As a result, we treasure the below studies and the information they provide us: they give us the means to affect more people better. Please take a look below to learn more about our impact studies

Affinity Health Plan Study

In June, 2009, Dr. Oz presented the results of an independently conducted two-year efficacy study overseen by a methodologist from Cornell University and funded by Affinity Health Plan. The focus of the study was to quantify the impact of the HealthCorps program on a predominately Hispanic New York City intervention group. Results of the study found significant benefits of HealthCorps on three dimensions:

  1. soda pop consumption decreases by 0.61 times per week;
  2. participants are 36% more likely to report that they are more physically active;
  3. participants score 10.7% higher on the test of health knowledge. (These estimates assume zero benefit for dropouts; excluding dropouts results in larger effect sizes.)

In an article published in April in the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Thomas Frieden (Director of the CDC) and Kelly Brownell (Yale) argued that soft drinks “may be the single largest driver of the obesity epidemic.”

Impact Study of HealthCorps in Palm Beach County

Through a study conducted on four high schools in Palm Beach County-Santaluces High School in Lakeworth; Forest Hills High School in West Palm Beach; Atlantic High School in Delray Beach; and Wellington Community High School in Wellington — the analysis of data revealed that the HealthCorps curriculum on nutrition, fitness and mental resilience led to most students’ adopting healthier lifestyles.

Implementing the HealthCorps Behaviors Assessment Tool, the independent non-profit researcher reached over 4,100 students in the first part of the program year, using a Likert approach to assess responses to 33 questions.  The survey concluded that:

  • About 40% less students were drinking soda more than twice a day
  • As to consumption of healthy foods, including fruit juice and vegetables, an increase of 15% of students responded that they were eating at least 2 of each of these foods weekly
  • 10%  percent of respondents increased their weekly water consumption and 45% acknowledged drinking water more regularly
  • An increase of 55% stated that they exercise at least 4 days a week
  • 11% percent more respondents indicated that they watch less TV and 5% more students learned how to more effectively cope with problems

Regarding the Stress Scale measured, results found that:

  • 35% of students worried less about unexpected events
  • 56% of students were better able to control themselves
  • 21% of students never or almost never got “stressed”
  • 7 % of students were more able to handle personal problems
  • 14% of students generally feel better

In support of the HealthCorps’ model, a recent Johns Hopkins study (Youfa Wang, associate professor, Bloomberg School’s Center for Human Nutrition) concluded that a number of factors, including peers, had a greater influence over the food choices of older kids than did the family or parents (Social Science and Medicine – May 25, 2009).

Teen Battle Chef Program

For the nutrition section of the curriculum, starting with the 2009-2010 school year, HealthCorps has established a formal relationship with Family Cook Productions to train all Coordinators to carry out the Teen Battle Chef program in schools. Albert Einstein School of Medicine conducted a study of the program last year establishing it as an evidence-based initiative.

Student/Administrator Testimonials

Dr. N’Deye Diagne, Head of School, Washington Math Science Technology Public Charter High School, Washington, D.C.

“Washington Mathematics Science Technology Public Charter High School’s relationship with HealthCorps is an extremely valuable partnership that has provided our students with much needed information about the important role that health plays in their lives. The “Peer Mentoring” and the “Living Labs” programs, implemented by our great HealthCorps Coordinator, give students “hands on” experiences and inspire them to adopt more healthy habits such as eating well and exercising more. In addition, students are provided with an exposure to various health and culinary arts careers. We truly appreciate all of the fantastic benefits that HealthCorps has brought to our students.”

Freda Deskin, CEO/Founder, ASTEC Charter Schools, Oklahoma City
“HealthCorps has changed the culture of our school in ways we could not have imagined. Health and mental resilience have become more than purely intellectual knowledge. Our students and employees are now internalizing what it means to be healthy. We now carry this awareness with us and make small adjustments everyday.”

Tim Liles, Principal, Sunnyside High School, Fresno
“Health Corps has positively impacted our campus culture in a variety of ways. Students and staff are much more aware of the importance of wellness in their lives. Being an urban, low-income high school the need for our students to understand how their health impacts their lives is absolutely essential. HealthCorps has filled a very obvious hole in our system and is changing the lives of our kids.”

Dr. Kemp, Clarksdale High School, Clarksdale
“HealthCorps has encouraged my students and teachers to take a more in-depth look into healthy living. They have been exposed to foods that they would have otherwise thought to be tasteless.”

Ms. Parker, Staff, Ginn Academy, Cleveland
“You really push the students to be better. You make them think about they way the act and how they conduct themselves and you are persistent in getting them to reach higher. The principal was very impressed with your lesson for the seniors and you are able to connect with the students. They really enjoy you and you are probably the first young African American women who has taken an interest in their well being.”

Matt Brown, Principal, The Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning School

“We have had the great honor and pleasure of working with Health Corps the past 3 years. Their presence in our school has made a world of difference in the lives of each of our students and I, for one, cannot imagine what we would do without them.”

Rob Gasparello, Principal, Sharpstown High School, Houston

“HealthCorps has been a key component in our efforts to turnaround Sharpstown High School and our high at-risk population.  Helping our students, staff and community become more aware of healthy living habits in all facets of life has been very uplifting for all. Health Fairs, Service Projects, Cooking Clubs, Yoga Classes, Daily Health Fact Reminders and Nutritional Education are just a few of the key components that have been developed on our campus through our outstanding partnership over the years with HealthCorps.”

Freda Deskin, CEO/Founder, ASTEC Charter Schools, Oklahoma City

“HealthCorps has changed the culture of our school in ways we could not have imagined.  Health and mental resilience have become more than purely intellectual knowledge. Our students and employees are now internalizing what it means to be healthy. We now carry this awareness with us and make small adjustments everyday.”

Joanna, Student, Hialeah High School, Miami
“I am so thankful that Ms. Reid is a part of my life. She has made me excited to come to school and I can’t believe it took me this long to get involved in school activities. I really have learned a lot.”